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e wal●ked up and down the room while we ate, so as to▓ keep order.Very soon she began to ●find it very hard to get the good food on w▓hich she a


lways prided hersel▓f.Tea and coffee had to be left out, and on▓e thing after another, until ▓we ceased to come into the dinin▓g-room at all for

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supper.Two la▓rge trays of very dry corn-dodgers were broug●ht into the schoolroom at tea-time, accompa●nied by two large pitchers of water and

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a ●tray of glasses.The girls w●ere all very good and never co▓mplained.Every one knew there were p●rivations in their own homes, and felt th▓at

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madame was doing the best she could for us.▓ Madame had been fortunate enough ▓to secure very good teachers.Mademoiselle le P▓rince, the Fren


ch teacher, was quite a rem●arkable woman as far as teaching went.Edu▓cated at a convent just outside of Paris, s●he had the best accent, and it{


179} was h▓er one idea in life to give a● correct and thorough knowledge of French; n▓ot only to have her pup

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icult terminations of the “pa▓rticipe passé.”

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